The Secure Virtual Private Cloud - VPCˢ

Provision and scale localized, secured infrastructure that you define in a non-public cloud that was built to run the applications that run your business.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines (VMs) offer a virtualized, cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. They function like a physical server but run on a flexible virtualization layer. Our VMs are built to handle small/medium workloads all the way up to the most demanding larger enterprise environments.
We offer several flavors of Linux as well as Microsoft server, all managed via our customer portal or APIs.

Deploying VM’s is as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Choose your OS
Choose CentOS, Ubuntu or Microsoft Server and your VM is deployed with the OS installed and configured using best-practices for security and performance. Have your own images? Load those onto your VM instead.
2. Management
Leverage our robust API or portal and automate any aspect of your deployment and manage your workload all in the same interface.
3. Network Policies
We secure all severs at birth. Use our network policies to allow fine grained control of all your network traffic.


A la carte


VM Size Cores RAM Price Per Hour Price Per Month
1x2 1 2GB $0.0392 $28.61
2x4 2 4GB $0.0784 $57.23
2x8 2 8GB $0.1184 .$86.43
4x16 4 16GB $0.2368 $172.86
8x32 8 32GB $0.4736 $345.73

A la carte

Per CPU $0.0192 $14.02
Per GB Memory $0.0100 $7.30

Need to know your total environment costs?

Use our friendly calculator to determine your total monthly operating expenses.

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