Super-Fast Object Storage

Frequently accessing your data or how fast you can read/write your data shouldn’t break the bank, not to mention having to pay, yet again, to access it in the event of a disaster! Regain complete control with Single Tenant S3-Compatible Object Storage.

High Performance

Access your data at lightning-fast speeds. No throttling of IOPs here. One price for as fast as you can go.

No Data Transfer Fees

No charges to send or retrieve your data or API requests/calls.

Choice & Value

We offer both SSD & HDD in a standard or performance solution to store your bits.

Always predictable – know your monthly cost.

Use our simple calculator to determine your total monthly operating expenses.



Standard Performance Standard
0.05 /GB 0.10 /GB 0.015 /GB
Great for Dev/Test environments High availability. Data written in triplicate. Suited for production workloads. Good for longterm backup and storage

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