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Privacy Policy

Effective: January 1, 2019
This Privacy Policy defines how Vorbi, Inc. uses data that Customers provide to Vorbi, or that is otherwise obtained or generated by Vorbi, in connection with the use of Vorbi Services.
Vorbi collects data ONLY to provide Services and to invoice Customers for Services. It really is that simple.
  • Run analytics on data you host on the platform
  • Use ANY of your information for online advertising without prior written consent
  • Sell or lease ANY of your information or data to third parties
  • Engage in behavioral targeting using data you host on the platform
  • Require you to provide your customers’ names
Types of Data You Provide:

Personal Data

Vorbi will only use Personal Data provided from Customers in order to set up accounts, to invoice Customers for Vorbi Services, or to comply with a formal request from a local, state or federal agency. Vorbi will never transfer any Personal Data to any third party for any reason unless required by law.
While using Vorbi Services, Vorbi may request from Customer certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify Customer personnel (“Personal Data”). Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to:
  • Email Address
  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Office Address
  • Usage Data
Types of Data Collected:

Usage Data

Usage Data does NOT include Content hosted within Vorbi Services (e.g. Customer or End User data hosted within a virtual environment).
Usage Data is only collected based on actions completed through the user interface on the Vorbi platform, Vorbi University and the Vorbi website. This data is only used to track website navigation analytics for browser supportability. The data collected may include:
  • Internet Protocol address (e.g. IP Address)
  • Browser type
  • Browser version
  • Pages visited in the portal interface
  • Pages visited on the Vorbi website
  • Pages visited in Vorbi University
  • The time and date of such visits
Vorbi will never sell, lease, trade, analyze or otherwise transfer any Usage Data to any third party for any reason unless required by law.

Billing Data

During the use of Vorbi Services, Vorbi may collect additional specific information ONLY to bill you for the use of Vorbi Services.
Vorbi will never sell, lease, trade, analyze or otherwise transfer any Billing Data to any third party for any reason unless required by law.
This Policy is subject to change. Any changes will be included at By continuing to use Vorbi Services you accept such changes.
The policy is not intended to supersede the Acceptable Use Policy located at Should there be any suspect behavior reported to Vorbi by any third party regarding items covered under the Acceptable Use Policy, Vorbi reserves the right to take actions specified under that policy.

What You Get From the Other Guys


Microsoft Azure

“uses the data we collect to provide you with rich, interactive experiences. In particular, we use data to: Advertise and market to you, which includes sending promotional communications, targeting advertising, and presenting you with relevant offers. We also use the data to operate our business, which includes analyzing our performance, meeting our legal obligations, developing our workforce, and doing research.”


Amazon Web Services

“We collect information automatically when you:  visit, interact with, or use AWS Offerings (including when you use your computer or other device to interact with AWS Offerings); download content from us; open emails or click on links in emails from us; and interact or communicate with us (such as when you attend an AWS event or when you request customer support.) We use your personal information to market and promote AWS Offerings.”  


Google Compute Platform

“you give Google a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works …communicate, publish, publicly platform, publicly display and distribute such content.”


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