Office 365

Complete Office 365 Protection Vorbi Backup.

Office 365

Never lose important data and meet legal and regulatory requirements with our new cloud-to-cloud solution for Office 365. It protects Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online data by backing up the items to Vorbi’s secure Cloud Storage and enabling flexible recovery options. Gain access to granular, point-in-time recovery and the ability to preview and search for content within backups of all three services.

  • Fast recovery even after permanent deletion in O365
  • Quick access to backup data via comprehensive search
  • Reliable point-in-time recovery of single files and entire sites

Granular Backup and Recovery


Protect mailboxes, group mailboxes, In-Place Archives, folders, messages, calendar events, tasks, contacts, journal entries, and notes.


Secure site collections, group sites (including team and communication sites), lists, list items and attachments, documents and libraries, site pages, and wiki pages.

OneDrive for Business

Recover your entire OneDrive or just individual files and folders.

Key Office 365 Data Protection Features

Point-in-time recovery

Isolate file versions via recovery points so you can always restore a previous version – regardless of what happened to the most recent one. This is important because Office 365’s file versioning is not a backup function: the versions are tied to the most recent file, so if you delete that one, all previous versions are also deleted.

Search backups within all three services

Shorten RTOs and comply with regulatory requirements with quick, specific-item search within all backups.

Automatic protection of new users, groups, and sites

Save time adding new Office 365 users, groups and sites – they are automatically protected.

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