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Lift and Shift

Vorbi’s Live Migration solution provides businesses with a simple, efficient, fully automated live migration tool that lifts and shifts your workloads to the Vorbi Cloud. Heck, we can move you to any cloud in real-time. Our migration solution consistently replicates production workloads and sends differentiated data back to your Vorbi IaaS in a deduplicated and WAN-optimized manner. As soon as full replicas are on your Vorbi instances, business applications can be spun up in an orchestrated manner.

We not only replicate business application and machine data, but also metadata about your machines in order to automate the process of migration and preserve network and flavor settings.

When done, the software automatically cleans up unused snapshots and other resources to optimize storage costs.

  • Live background replication of production workloads
  • Isolated solution infrastructure for customer security
  • Full coverage with REST API to support complex and multi-phase migration strategies
  • Cost-effective migration process

Applications certified for real-time migration:

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