G Suite

G Suite data backup with Vorbi Backup Cloud.

G Suite Data Backup

Cost-effective G Suite data protection services. With fast backups, reliable point-in-time recovery, flexible restore and cloud storage options, as well as quick-search functionality, Vorbi Backup Cloud gives you a lot of security – with no additional installation required.

  • Protection for Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar and Contacts
  • Reliable point-in-time recovery of single items and entire Drive or Gmail data
  • Quick recovery of needed items with full-text search of G Suite backups
  • Verify authenticity of files in Drive backups with block-chain

Backup and Recovery

Quickly find and restore needed items with metadata (e.g. searching by file names in Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail) and full-text (in email body copy) search capabilities

Data Integrity and Security

Blockchain-based notarization for Drive

Benefit from integrated technology, which offers independent validation that backed up Drive files are unchanged.

Search backups within all three services

Shorten RTOs and comply with regulatory requirements with quick, specific-item search within all backups.

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