Vorbi’s developer-friendly infrastructure leverages some of the best of breed Open Source technology to help IT enable developers to quickly build applications in the Vorbi cloud.


API Docs

Meet compliance guidelines with a web-based portal and accessible public-facing APIs that control every element from launch to tear-down and seamlessly integrate into your existing day-to-day business.

Native Libraries

Whether you're integrating our API into your existing tooling, or developing a new hosted service, we have official API libraries in a variety of key languages to help get you started developing the way you want to.


We are always looking to prioritize our automation efforts! We get better by working side-by-side, so if you see something we can do to make all our lives better, email us or hop over to our Rocket Chat channel.

The 411

Q1 2020
Q1 2020
Q1 2020
Q1 2020
Q1 2020
Q2 2020
Q1 2020
Q2 2020
Q1 2020
Veeam Back to Vorbi
Leading backup agent for virtual environments built on VMWare vSphere and MSFT Hyper-V hypervisors.
Commvault Backup
Data backup and recovery solution used for cloud infrastructure management, retention and compliance.
Zerto Backup
DR, backup and workload mobility platform for virtualized cloud environments.
CAS Storage Solution
Vorbi’s new faster storage solution rolled out in Phoenix and Dallas markets.
Time series DB optimized for fast, high-availability storage and retrieval of time series data.
General-purpose machine learning instances ideally suited for high-performance DB’s computational fluid dynamics, computational finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, genomics, rendering, and other server-side workloads.
High-end visual delivery instances built to provide professional graphics for visual computing applications.
Simplified Load Balancing
Serverless load balancing for HA solutions limiting downtime.
Network wide Jumbo Frames
Support for jumbo frames rolled out across the entire Vorbi network.
Vorbi One Portal
Version 2 of Vorbi portal launched with additional features and smoother look and feel.

The Platform

Vorbi’s proprietary, custom-engineered, purpose-built hardware is designed to deliver the most highly efficient, compute dense infrastructure available. Coupled with proprietary Software-defined Distributed Virtual Routing (SDDVR), Vorbi delivers increased network speeds and reduced latency while reducing single points of failure and allowing for self-healing routing (SHR) for all inbound and outbound traffic.

Open Source

Developer Tools



Most of the endpoints in the Vorbi API require authentication. Authenticating is done with an authentication token in the X-Auth-Token header.

Curl Command for Authentication

 – API only supports password method at this time. Support for token method may come in future versions.

 – The user can provide either a “name” or an “id” field for the domain object in the password object below. This example uses a name for the domain, but both will work.

 – The scope object is optional unless the user wants to manage a particular project, in the event that they do not provide the scope object, they will automatically scope to their primary project.

 – To scope to the project, you can provide the project name, or the project id of the project

            curl -i \
            -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
            -d '
            "auth": {
              "identity": {
                "methods": ["password"],
                "password": {
                  "user": {
                    "name": "test",
                    "domain": {"name": "test"},
                    "password": "test"
            "scope": {
              "project": {
                 name": "test",
                 id: [project_uuid]
          }' \
          "http://api.[region]" ; echo

We will have more curl examples for your convenience very soon, but until then, please check out our OpenStack documentation.

For more information about our APIs, please visit RESTful API or Web Services Quick Tips.


Coming soon, along with CLIs that will allow for portal-independent interaction with our platform.