Vorbi is an Enterprise Class Cloud Platform which delivers a prebuilt, centrally managed, elastic cloud environment to Managed Service Providers, Carriers, Data Centers and other Value Added Resellers. The underlying elastic cloud is centrally managed and maintained by Vorbi, which eliminates the  need for service providers to have data center space or hardware to own and maintain. Service providers immediately have their own private cloud environment, white-labeled to enforce their unique brand and purpose-built specifically for private, low latency enterprise workloads. Vorbi’s easy-to-navigate, intuitive platform interface unleashes users to design, test, develop, manage and deploy networks from anywhere in minutes rather than hours or days.

Vorbi Core Values


Businesses shouldn’t have to worry about their hosting providers taking a sneak peek into their intellectual property. Managed service providers are choosing Vorbi so they can protect their customers from privacy exposure. Keep your data at Vorbi, where privacy is held to the highest standard.


Control security at a granular level, starting with the highest security measures by default. With the granular levels of security available, you can control and manage security exposures by utilizing advanced security grouping, key pairs, and your choice of security connectivity applications.


With enterprise computing at the forefront, performance is a critical necessity. Low-latency computing is required to run business critical applications. Vorbi’s low-latency platform, coupled with the highest standards of privacy and security makes Vorbi a safe-house for critical business applications.