Vorbi provides our carrier partners with the ability to offer cloud services over their own network, instantly expanding their product offering and enhancing the service deliverables to their customer base and prospects. This simple “Plug and Play” interconnection arrangement is accomplished by cross connecting their network to our core switching gear at our nearest hub. Vorbi understands that enterprises are chasing a low latency connection back to a stable cloud platform.

With most other cloud service players, end user enterprises have to deal with public transport connections which result in unacceptably high-latencies. Alternately, Vorbi offers a holistic solution to carriers themselves. This holistic solution is recommended with a private, no public transport, connection from our carrier partners network to Vorbi’s network delivering the safest most secure interconnection available and allowing them to immediately connect to a stable cloud platform and brand it their own.

Your Instant Cloud

What benefits do carriers receive?

  • An instantly marketable white-label cloud platform
  • New service offerings means increased revenue
  • The ability to gain new customers
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy-to-use provisioning
  • Built-in Software Defined Networking
  • Region availability expansion

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