Vorbi: A Boundless Cloud for Limitless Business Agility

by Alejandro Jacobo, Director of Sales - Vorbi, Inc.

Managing your data in one place can be a challenge if you are unsure how to organize it. At Vorbi, we provide Managed Service Providers, Datacenters and Bandwidth Providers with an all-in-one cloud service platform that they can use to service their enterprise customers.

Who is Vorbi?

Vorbi is a technology-leading Hyperscale Converged Cloud Infrastructure (HCCI™) company that provides, among other things, a distributed, centrally managed, white-label elastic cloud environment.

In addition to selling directly to small to mid sized enterprises, we empower Managed Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, and Datacenters to deliver solutions such as Server Infrastructure, Infrastructure Maintenance, Desktop Support Services and many other IT solutions with unparalleled efficiency.

When you use Vorbi, Inc. for your cloud needs, you can use cloud as a service feature. This means that you can use our products to quickly communicate and work with your customers and your colleagues in your industry.

Our Products

With Vorbi, service providers have access to an intuitive Cloud as a Service platform that they can brand as their own. Our “One Stop Shop” cloud experience includes features such as Software Defined Networking, Virtual Servers, and tiered Storage. With our “virtually.any.ware.” philosophy and elastic usage model, customers only pay for the resources they use. With this model, service providers can expect high performance and predictable costs with no upfront capital investment.

Using Our Platform

The Vorbi platform empowers service providers to capture hosting revenue like never before. With the built-in software-defined-networking, bring-your-own-router abilities and multi-level role based access; your cloud platform allows you to focus on customer demands as you continue to profitably grow your business.

Join Vorbi Today!

As Vorbi expands into new markets, you instantly gain access to new serviceable regions. Deploying services becomes more efficient and less complicated within our ever-growing ecosystem. Join Vorbi today to gain access to your new cloud platform.

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