Implement a Multi-Cloud Strategy

by Ben Jenkins, CTO - Vorbi, Inc.
Many enterprises today have adopted at least some sort of "Cloud Strategy." Industries with a lower tolerance threshold for compliance and security have been slower to adopt cloud strategies; however, these regulations no longer have to be the barrier to entry for cloud adoption. With many businesses data now "in the cloud" in some form or fashion, there are opportunities to put additional protections in place by adopting not only a basic Cloud Strategy but also a Multi-Cloud Strategy. A multi-cloud strategy offers the ability to select different cloud services or features from different providers.

Where to Start with Cloud

Backing up critical data to the cloud is a great place to start with any cloud strategy. With zero impact to production services, backing up data to the cloud ensures that your data is recoverable should an incident occur.
For businesses already using cloud platforms, implementing a multi-cloud solution protects data even further by ensuring that business-critical data is stored in multiple cloud platforms. While redundancy and vendor lock-in concerns still drive some multi-cloud deployments today, they are also driven by enterprises' broader business or technical goals. Those goals can include the use of more price-competitive cloud services or taking advantage of the speed, capacity or features offered by a particular cloud provider in a specific geographic region.

Where Does Vorbi Fit In?

Vorbi gives you the ability to build cloud strategies with ease. Here are just a couple ideas on how to utilize Vorbi's easy-to-use Backup Client to kick-off your implementation of cloud strategies and multi-cloud solutions for your enterprise customers:
First, you can use Vorbi's backup client to back your customer's data up to Vorbi's object storage. This low cost, highly resilient backup solution is simple and quick to implement and gets your customers into your Cloud as a Service platform. For a multi-cloud solution, you can use Vorbi's backup client to schedule data backups on existing cloud servers to ensure that your customer's business-critical data is not relying on a single cloud platform. These two simple, low-cost, scenarios can set you apart drastically by providing your clients with additional bullet points in their Disaster Recovery plans.
Use Vorbi to put cloud strategies in place today! Contact us to get started.