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Information Technology management is complex and with the evolution of cloud strategies, Managed Service Providers have more issues to solve than ever before. With enterprises demanding a cloud strategy MSP’s have to look to specialists to configure network services for enterprises on behemoth cloud providers or spend massive capital on data center space and hardware to develop a cloud platform.  Vorbi makes it simple with Cloud as a Service.

With Vorbi, you as an MSP immediately have access to your own cloud environment, white labeled to enforce your unique brand, to offer new services to your end customers, expand product offerings, and provide for immediate new customer acquisitions and account penetrations. Our easy-to-navigate, intuitive platform interface, unleashes users to design, test, develop, manage and deploy networks from anywhere in minutes.

Vorbi’s white-labeled cloud solution empowers MSP’s like never before.  It requires no upfront costs, no hardware purchase requirements, and no data center space. Your white-labeled cloud is powered by Vorbi so you can focus on growing your business.

What benefits do MSP’s receive?

– An instantly marketable white-label cloud platform
– New service offerings means increased revenue
– The ability to gain new customers
– Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
– Easy to use provisioning
– Built-in Software Defined Networking
– Region availability expansion

Stop deploying technicians, and start deploying solutions.


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