Cloud as a Service™: The Vorbi Ecosystem

Introducing Cloud as a Service™

Developing a cloud environment is complex, expensive and time-consuming. With Vorbi’s Cloud as a Service™ providers instantly receive access to a white-label cloud environment powered by Vorbi. The easy-to-use ecosystem of usable products allows you to quickly deploy and scale your customers. With built-in software defined networking, managing networks has never been so simple.


Owning and managing your own physical or cloud infrastructure is a thing of the past. No more frustrating, expensive, time consuming hardware.  With Vorbi, virtual networks and servers are a breeze to create and provision from anywhere.  Vorbi’s “virtually. any. ware.” philosophy, and elastic usage model allows you to only pay when you play.  The result is high performance and simple, predictable costs.

Cloud as a Service Features

Software Defined Networking

Vorbi’s built in, easy-to-use software defined networking gives service providers the power to build and manage networks like never before.  With inherent IPv6 technology, you have limitless possibilities.  You can build entire private networks in a matter of minutes!

Virtual Servers

With pre-defined templates, deploying virtual servers takes only minutes.  Also, choose custom server specifications that are right for you; we know that one size doesn’t fit all.


Use Vorbi to quickly and easily back up your computers, servers and other infrastructure.  Our easy-to-use back up client even allows you to backup data that you have stored with other cloud providers!

White Label

Vorbi gives service providers an instant cloud of their own.  The white label feature empowers service providers with a branded solution to offer to their current and future customers.  We give you the power to expand your business with ease.


Choose from Enterprise, Standard and Cold Storage based on your IOPS needs.  Our object storage gives you the option to develop applications with the storage requirements you need to run applications for your customers.

Data Traffic

Our data traffic metering gives you the ability to bring as much data to us with no additional cost.  We meter only your external data traffic; no double and triple charging your for north, south, east and west data!